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Express Funding Centre does not disclose email addresses, contact details or any part of your enquiries made to us via this website, to third parties. As we currently do not process any applications for credit online, the only information we gather from you is for basic enquiries and how we may contact you. This information is not shared with any third parties.

Privacy (Credit Reporting) Code 2014 (Version 1.2)
The full report referred to in this policy is available on the
Australian Government Office of the Australian Information Commissioner website

Statutory Acknowledgement
Clause 4.2 of the Credit Reporting Privacy Code provides an approved opportunity for credit provider and/or lessor disclosures of information, collected by way of a website, required under Sub-sections 21C(1) and (3)(a) of the Privacy Act 1988 as amended, to a credit reporting body.

This for the various uses and attracting the various rights for the consumer and/or lessee, in accordance with Clause 4.1 (a) to (f) of the Credit Reporting Privacy Code.
These disclosures are included in the company’s Credit Information (Privacy) Management Policy, which is on the company’s website and the communications information content is listed in the Company’s Credit Reporting Data Management Policy.

Consumer utilisation of website
From time to time, the company’s website may facilitate consumers completing credit and/or lease applications, questionnaires, forms and the like.

Collection and use of information
The Company only collects information from potential and actual consumers which is
reasonably necessary, directly or indirectly, for the conduct of the company’s credit
provision activities.

Information from suspended and saved on-line applications
If you suspend or save any online application, form, questionnaire or the like, the information you have entered prior to that suspension and/or saving will be available to and retained by the company, as well as being available for you to retrieve when you resume completing your online application or other activity. The company’s Credit Information (Privacy) Management Policy also applies to this information.

Sensitive information
The Company does not ask for, store, use or disclose sensitive information.

Information and third parties
From time to time, the company’s website may contain links to the websites of third party entities. If you have accessed such a third party website, via the company’s website, you may have provided information to that third party entity. If you have chosen to provide information, access to that information may also be provided to the company by that third party entity, subject to an agreement between the two companies to share the information.

When viewing our website, or the third party company’s website, from time to time “cookies” and “web beacons” may be used to collect information. This information may include information concerning any or all of the following:
1. The date and time of your visit.
2. Your IP address.
3. What pages you view.
4. Completion of the online application, form, or questionnaire.
5. Marketing campaign information.
6. The server your computer is logged onto.
7. The type of browser you use.

© Smiles Turner, March 2014

What happens to this information?
In accordance with the company’s Credit Information (Privacy) Management Policy, the company takes reasonable steps to keep the information obtained secure and to store, use and disclose such information only in accordance with that policy. This includes the above listed information and any information included on completed and submitted applications, forms, questionnaires and the like.
The above listed information will not be used for any third party company marketing, but we may use the information to advise you of continuing and new products and services, from time to time.

The above listed information may be used to assist us to provide you with any service or product, at the time of a particular visit to the company’s website or thereafter, which may or may not be the service or product that initially prompted you to visit the website.

Use of the information collected by the use of a cookie or web beacon
Subject to acceptance by your internet browser, the company uses cookies and/or
web beacons to assist in product and service development and marketing. This
assistance may include:
1. the allocation of a unique number to your internet browser;
2. the collection of statistics concerning visits to the company’s website and the
pages viewed;
3. the customisation of the website to suit you and/or particular potential customer
4. to identify whether or not you have accessed a third party company website via
our website;
5. for security purposes; and
6. for the development and/or offering of the company’s products and services that appear relevant to you as a consumer.

The full report referred to in this policy is available on the
Australian Government Office of the Australian Information Commissioner website

© Smiles Turner, March 2014